Establishment of Foundation

The NCKU Research and Development Foundation was established and registered as a legal entity in December 1993, under the approval by the Ministry of Economics. It operates with capital support collected from NCKU faculty members, students, alumni and individuals from various sectors of society to integrate human resources in the government, academia and industry to facilitate social, economic, technological and industrial progress.

Since its establishment, the Foundation has been administered by its chief executive officer and staff under the leadership of the chairman of board of directors (the past and present chairmen, listed in order of office, are: Dr. Jer-Ru Maa, Dr. Jin Wu, Dr. Ting-Chia Huang, Dr. Cheng-I Weng , Dr. Hung-Shan Weng, Dr. Chiang Kao, Dr. Michael Ming-Chiao Lai, and Dr. Hwung-Hweng Hwung), as an institution working to integrate technology, human resources, facilities and equipment in colleges and universities, solicit support from the government and industry for various research and development projects, and provide technological services to governmental and industrial institutions at home and abroad.