Since 1994, NCKURDF has formed partnerships with twenty colleges and universities and three research institutes, respectively located in Taichung, Chiai, Tainan, Kaohsiung, and Pingtung.  Partners include

National Cheng Kung University,

I-Shou University,

Southern Taiwan University of Technology,

 Kung Shan University of Technology,

 Chia Nan University of Pharmacy and Science,

Chang Jung University,

Chung Hwa University Of Medical  Technolgoy,

Far East University,

Chengshou University,

 Kao Yuan University,

Fooyin University,

 Tajen Institute of Technology,

Yung Ta Institute of Technology & Commerce,

Fortune Institute of Technology,

Tainan University of  Technology,

National Chin-Yi University of Technology,

Nan Jeon Institute of Technology,

Wufeng Institute of Technology,

Mei Ho Institute of Technology,

Tung-Fang Institute of Technology,

Asian Vegetable Research and Development Center,

Taiwan Sugar Research Institute,

and Taiwan Livestock Research Institute. 

These academic and research institutes have constituted ˇ§Human Resources Alliance in Southern Taiwanˇ¨ to offer governmental agencies and private sectors technical consultations and services.